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  Your bridge to self-discovery and the silence within
Dalian Method™ FAQ's 

The Self-Healing Dalian Method is a straight forward, no nonsense approach to the self-realization process. It works with all aspects of the human being - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, our energy system, the unconscious, and our consciousness.  It utilizes deep breathing through different parts of the body in a very precise sequence and out loud expression of thoughts and emotions as they surface in each given moment.

What makes the Dalian Method stand out among other modalities is that it bypasses the mind, as it is the mind that has created all our suffering and pain. Transformation happens spontaneously as a result of allowing ourselves to express repressed thoughts and pent up emotions without judgement, thus bringing layers of the unconscious  to  light, seeing our lessons and the root causes of our issues or behavioural patterns.

Consciousness replaces the exposed unconsciousness.

As we continue to work with 'DM', our being comes closer and closer to alignment with our original self or divine centre.  Mada calls this healing into consciousness.

Who created the Dalian Method?

The Dalian Method (DM) was created by healer and enlightened mystic Mada Eliza Dalian. Mada was born with the unique gift of hearing the unexpressed thoughts and beliefs in people's energy. She realized that many people were not aware of having these thoughts (the thoughts/beliefs are unconscious). She also discovered that these thoughts and beliefs are a major hidden component in our struggle and suffering. 


Mada spent years refining the method in her private practice so that people could safely release unconscious self-limiting thoughts and beliefs permanently. In 2014 she took this further by creating the Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method™ home study kit. Mada's intention in creating the home study kit is to provide people, who are ready, to become more self-reliant in their healing and awakening work. 

What do you mean by unconscious self-limiting beliefs?


When we have an experience that triggers fear or pain, we may shut down emotionally to get through it. That shutting down, which seems to protect us at the time, represses the painful emotions and thoughts and so they stay with us. Anything we repressed inside causes us on-going problems. It's as if we are carrying an invisible weight inside of us. Additionally, it's not just thoughts and emotions, but conclusions we make from challenging life experiences (Example: "Life is hard" "I'm not good enough").  


The conclusions are our self-limiting beliefs and we don’t always see them because they run in the background (our unconscious). We may only see or feel the effects of these beliefs in the form of struggling with certain emotions, symptoms, negative thought patterns,  behavior patterns, and challenging life events.


It's also common for people to think something in their life (job, relationship, etc.) is causing their stress and unhappiness when in fact these situations may only be a symptom of a deeper issue that is asking to be resolved. The challenging life events are opportunities for greater healing & self-awareness.

Quote from Mada Eliza Dalian - creator of the Dalian Method: 


“Many people look for healing from something or they want to “get rid” of something that feels uncomfortable. However, they don’t understand what healing truly means. Healing is not about ‘fixing’ or suppressing symptoms of physical ailments. It is not about replacing negative beliefs with positive ones. Healing is about becoming conscious of the causes of pain and suffering, learning the needed life-lessons, and transforming the ego-mind into self-empowered consciousness. Health is a state of inner balance. It is a state of peace from pain, suffering, and inner turmoil. Healing is a state of dis-identification from the mind and emotions. It is a state of awareness of how the beliefs, desires, and conditionings that are part of the ego-mind cause suffering. To heal, means to let go of attachments to ideas, things, and people. To heal means to transcend the fear of death and survival and find the eternal presence of the Inner Being.” - Mada Dalian

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