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“I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the Dalian Method this past weekend. Neerava  provided a warm and informative holding space in which our group was able to really experience the depth and beauty of this transformative modality." - Sarah Lewis, 2020

"Neerava, your presence and singing was such a wonderful blessing at the service yesterday.  I was in an altered state the entire service and felt your voice; the words and, moment move through me, changing me.."  - Ayira, 2020 

“Neerava is a truly special soul - one who is committed to being the fullest expression of who she is - and she fully shares the passion of that commitment through her yoga classes and her Dalian Method sessions. If you’re serious about transformation - if you’re ready to have your heart blown open - look no further than this gifted teacher and healer. I feel truly blessed and eternally grateful to have worked with her.“   - Nathen Aswell

"Dear Neerava ... much insight in people and their process.  I have trust in you so I can let go. Beautiful method." - workshop participant, Netherlands, Feb 2020


"Sandra Neerava has an incredible gift to share & teaches you how to connect with your body, to breathe & to delve into your inner peace". - Karen Horn

"I felt completely supported by you Neerava. You were very present and tuned in to my DM session…  your questions and prompts came at the right time to help me go deeper. It was my absolute privilege and blessing to have you support me.  Thank you.” - Sandy Sernoski

“Neerava was extremely present in a very difficult DM session in which I definitely needed someone there to guide me through the process.  I felt very supported by her. She even stayed with me an extra half hour because of the intensity of my experience.”  - James White

“I like Neerava’s facilitation style, which is calm and nurturing… she allowed me to go much deeper than I would have been able to do on my own.  I haven’t felt such a big shift other than my private sessions with Mada.” - Dr Rick Chehil 

“Thank you for holding this loving and open space. I felt really understood and able to be quite vulnerable, even though that’s very hard for me. I am excited to see what the Dalian Method is going to bring for me." - Laura

“Dear Neerava, I participated in your workshop for young adults at Naramata Centre. I honestly feel I have been permanently changed from that experience and have developed a whole new awareness I never knew existed. One of them being able to hold the stillness that resides within the centre of my belly in my awareness. This was a catalyst for many shifts within me and I am feeling a desire to re-explore this and incorporate more into my life.  Thank you so much! I am eternally grateful!  Warmly, Denis “

“Sandra's music raises me up to a place where I feel embraced by pure love…”  – Y. deTroye

“I felt I was amongst angels listening to her beautiful gentle voice and music accompaniment.   It gave me a sense of internal peace, calm and joy.” -  C. McNab   

“Dear Sandra, I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. - Leslie Caine

“I was already feeling like a bundle of light from the yoga and then to experience your transcending voice almost turned me to stardust last night. I was moved to tears of joy several times! Thank you for sharing your gift with us - your voice is so beautiful and healing.” - Vivienne Grace

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