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Beautiful! Thank you so much. Such a soothing hour! - T. Westwood 

So soothing and nourishing. Perfect way to spend this time. Thank you so much Neerava - L. Haris

Thank you for the inspiration :) - Sarah Spence

Absolutely exquisite!  I was transported... Please repeat! Beyond words. - Sahajo

Just beautiful! You are so talented. Thank you for a lovely evening. - J. Harper

Thank you so much, beautiful, so enjoyable! - A. Smith

You are amazing, so very talented. Thank you for the invite and sharing. - P. Doherty

Very much enjoyed your music.  Beautiful songs and voice. - M. Kroeger

Oh my goodness, that was the most beautiful hour! You have such a gift and thank you for sharing. Your songs are beautiful! And your voice is so beautiful as well.  Your heartfelt stories of your journey and how you came up with each song made the song even more special. To spend an hour & have you take me to a magical place was amazing!  I  would love love love you to offer another online event!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift. - Karen

I wanted to share about your event. It was so lovely. I was admiring how professional the setup was, and the sound quality was so amazing. I loved how your voice, not just singing, but talking, was so gentle and sweet to my ears. Your singing voice is phenomenal and to me, felt flawless and smooth and natural. It all felt nourishing and sweet and I loved how you shared before each song about the song, and the stories and the Osho quote. The things you shared felt perfect to me and what I was feeling in the moment. I felt it to be a giving from your heart and your gifts. You were so in your element and I loved watching you in that!  Love, Leela

next event - two meditations on  

December 20, 2021

 11:30 Pacific / 20:30 European

18:00 Pacific / 21:00 Eastern

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