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Close At Hand

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

listening - listening I hear - a voice is calling me - a voice is calling me here...

Close At Hand

Neerava Nash - July 2019

They pray and promise peace is coming somewhere down the road,

“prostrate yourself, and fold your hands, and bow your head,” we’re told.

We hold to hope and look outside for what we think we’ve lost,

and sell our souls to those ‘that know,’ no matter what the cost.

List - en … List - en - ing - you’ll hear…

A voice is calling you .. a voice is calling you - here

Clergymen around the world say heaven will be grand,

but masters try to tell us that the Kingdom is at hand.

‘At hand’ to me, means in my reach, accessible, close by,

not sometime off in future days, or some place in the sky.

List - en… List - en - ing - I hear…

Heaven calling me.. heaven calling me - here

I hear a voice that’s whispering, keep looking deep inside,

beneath the lies and fairytales your body is your guide.

And so I keep on journeying within myself and find,

That heaven rises from within as I release my mind, and…

List - en…. List - en - ing - I hear…

Heaven calling me.. heaven calling me - here

#lookinside #timetowakeup #songsforanewhumanity #heavenonearth


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I think 99 times and find nothing.

I stop thinking,

swim in silence,

and the truth comes to me.

Albert Einstein

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