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Be silent and find your own self. - Osho

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

I love making memes for quotes that draw me inside to my silence. This is one of those special ones that resonates deeply. Thank you Osho!

Neerava :-)

"But if you want to become an individual in your own right, if you want to get rid of this continuous conflict and this mess within you, then you have to say good-bye to them – even when they belong to your respected father, your mother, your grandfather. It does not matter to whom they belong. One thing is certain: they are not your voices. They are the voices of people who have lived in their time, and they had no idea what the future was going to be. They have loaded their children with their own experience; their experience is not going to match with the unknown future.

They are thinking they are helping their children to be knowledgeable, to be wise, so their life can be easier and more comfortable, but they are doing just the wrong thing. With all the good intentions in the world, they are destroying the child’s spontaneity, his own consciousness, his own ability to stand on his feet, and to respond to the new future which their old ancestors had no idea of.

He is going to face new storms, he is going to face new situations, and he needs a totally new consciousness to respond. Only then is his response is going to be fruitful; only then can he can have a victorious life, a life that is not just a long, long drawn-out despair, but a dance from moment to moment, which goes on becoming more and more deep to the last breath. He enters into death dancing, and joyously.

It is good that you are becoming aware that it seems you are more than one person. Everybody is! And by becoming aware, it is possible to get rid of this crowd.

Be silent, and find your own self.

Unless you find your own self, it is very difficult to disperse the crowd, because all those in the crowd are pretending, “I am your self.” And you have no way to agree, or disagree.

So don’t create any fight with the crowd. Let them fight among themselves – they are quite efficient in fighting among themselves. You, meanwhile, try to find yourself. And once you know who you are, you can just order them to get out of the house – it is actually that simple! But first you have to find yourself.

Once you are there, the master is there, the owner of the house is there. And all these people, who have been pretending to be masters themselves, start dispersing...

There is no need for you to change the whole world; just change yourself and you have started changing the whole world, because you are part of the world. If even a single human being changes, his change will radiate in thousands and thousands of others. He will become a triggering point for a revolution which can give birth to the superman."


The Language of the Golden Future

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