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Sweet Mystery

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

no easy task - but willing to see - who I will be - in this mystery...

A few lines from this song came to me in February 2019, while I was on the 8 week online course with Mada. I was working through a lot of fear in those 8 weeks of the course, and the theme was about releasing all the stories and 'masks' that I was identified with, and surrendering into the unknown. The song magically finished itself in July when I had a vision during a meditation. It was of my friends dancing to this song at one of Mada's workshops. That vision informed me of the song's purpose, the feel and timing of the song, and then the rest of lyrics all fell into place. I really look forward to recording this one properly! Lots of percussion and vocal layers required :-)

Sweet Mystery Neerava Nash - July/19

Dropping these faces no easy task

The body holds on to every mask

Shedding old stories that I embraced

Seeking to find my original face

the body holds on, the body holds on, the body holds on to every mask...

Reflections are fading, who will I be,

If I let go of all these identities?

Facing the mirror and willing to see

Past all these false realities

who will I be, who will I be, if I let go of these identities…

Dropping these faces

Shedding old stories

Facing the mirror

Who will I be?

Breathing watching the silent spaces

Embracing the dark and fearful places

Keep letting go of all that I see

Rest in the sweet sweet mystery no easy task, but willing to see, who I will be in this mystery...

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